Driftwood House, Murrisk

Splendidly located in the shadow of Croagh Patrick (Reek) and overlooking its own private beach, this house is made up of two elements that fold and twist around each other. The two elements rest gently on the site as if deposited there by the oceans waves. The lower element containing the living accommodation steps down the shallow contours while the second element containing the sleeping accommodation rests on the steep slope of the site. The ground floor layout or lower element, containing the living space, runs on a West/East axis, allowing maximum views of the coast and the reek, while benefiting from solar gain. The main entrance is located between the two elements with the corner of the upper element framing the entrance. The first floor layout or upper element, containing the sleeping accommodation, runs along the steep contours of the site, maximising the morning light into the bedrooms, but also framing the best views of the site by means of decks/balconies on each side.

Client: Private

Location: Murrisk, Westport

Area: 310 sq m

Budget: Private

Category: Residential New Build